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Very very nice and useful site for looking jobs !!!






Top !!!

Keeps loading

The app loads up the jobs nicely but then when i tap to open a job it keeps loading forever.

Great site

Easy to use and a great way to get to know what is out there for work!! Love it!!

Only 3 saved searches?

I have been using this app for years and Ive noticed lots of good improvements recently, especially the ability to send an uploaded resume right from within the app. Why suddenly am I only able to have 3 searches on the main menu? I need the list to go back to the 8 it shows in my recent searches. All those searches are there for a reason!

What I think of this app.

Hello I am really enjoying this app so far I found some great things this is the best app EVER!!

Simple and perfect to find jobs with it

Simple and perfect to find jobs with it


Only app I use to search for work. I like how you can build a resume, have saved job searches, new job updates for your job searches, recommended jobs and that they send you an email of each job you applied to so I can organize all my job applications in my email...


Great app


Very helpful!! Easy to use!!

Pretty good

Pretty good

Great App!!

Really help you in finding the jobs.

Great app, easy to use.

Searching for a certain or specific job may be difficult because it just gives any job even if you search for a specific job title, but if you just want a job, great app

Indeed Jobs

Really like this app. Easy and addictive. Has even helped friends and family.

I love it !

I really like this all it saves time and easy to use.

So So

Ive been on this for 2 weeks... Nothing Ive had one call from a job placement company... If you dont have an grade 12 or you have a criminal record... You cant get a job...

Unsure if the employer actually gets my application

Ive applied for many jobs but have never been called for one interview... It seems like indeed doesnt work...

Dont work

Ive used indeed two send out and apply for around 30 jobs and have not heard from one dont think it works at all guess its time try monster or some other job app I give this so 5 stars thumbs down

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