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Хорошая программа Удобная )




Great app for people that are job hunting

Love the app, currently keeps crashing tho

Usually I love using this platform however currently experience crashing of the app, under wifi and cellular usage. I can not click on the keyword or description without it crashing and saying I can not access indeed right now..Any suggestions?


Thanks to Indeed, everyone job I have worked is because of this hiring website. It never fail me. I’m loving the updates and I love the fact we can creat our resume on here. Very simple! Thank you indeed !


My only complaint is the filters. I would like it to have the same filters as the actual website. Most importantly the salary filter, would be nice to be able to narrow it down to what you’re looking for in pay.

Do not Get IT!!!

Worst app ever!!!!

We need to hide positions and companies.

It’d be nice if we had the option to hide positions from a company that’ll post 30 jobs every other day. For example, I see there’s 15-20 new job listings and I go to check them out and they’re all from I particularly don’t care to ever apply to them much less do I want to see two dozen temporary positions listed from the same place over and over. We have the option to be notified of certain companies that are hiring or certain positions so why not give us the option to hide them too?

Waste of time.

How can a person tap on “apply” for exactly what he or she sees and have employers constantly emailing you and calling you offering something different? How can you (Indeed) allow employers to have a “quick apply” when there is no such thing? Without confirming days, hours and pay? What a complete and frustrating waste of time.

Struggling to get a job

I applied for so many jobs and I got a great resume but I’m struggling to get a job through indeed used to being very good site to find a job so fast that anymore I don’t recommend it. Al al otab

This is the worst website on the internet

This is the single most clumsiest website on the internet. I can believe this company can take their website seriously. The functionality is atrocious. I can back this up with details but I’ve already wasted enough time on Indeed. Absolute garbage.

Anaconda rules

A lot of scammers out there, no real jobs available and just want a candidate pool. People need jobs now not later. Should not post unless jobs are available now and they are interviewing actively not just when they feel like it, despicable employer behavior!

Not for employers posting jobs, only for those looking for them

The interface only allows for those searching for jobs to use the app. I posted a job and then downloaded the app, hoping to be able to review all my potential applicants, but to no avail. Hopefully the app developers will add in the ability for employers to be able to use the app, so they will have the convenience that’s others will also have.


Indeed has really helped me out with my job searching.


This app is the best thing since they started apps online

Too Difficult

The process to apply for jobs is too cumbersome. Why should it take nearly three hours to submit a simple resume, which is cause by a extremely lengthy requirements process including required info that’s already in the resume, numerous other entry requirements and a 30 minute questionnaire of repeated questions asked various ways? Are you trying to help people get jobs are is your intention to weed people out of the application process? Makes no sense.

Love it

Man I love indeed it got me sooo many job opportunities

Employers don’t check Indeed applications

More than 50% of the applications don’t even go through, I applied for more than 30 jobs and I got only 2 replies. And I was rejected for a job on indeed, but when I went to the same company and applied in person with the same resume and letters, I got the job.


Why my account always automatically logged out by itself? Every time I look up for another job I have to sign in. Fix this!

Issues need fixed

The idea is great and has some of the best listing for jobs. Easy apply is a great feature. There is some issues such as create or sign in with Facebook which just sticks at success with a loading screen. Other issues involve looking at the next page of jobs just throws you to the top of the first page instead. While the idea of the app is nice, it is just doesn’t compete against other apps in its market due to issues.


This has been a great way to find a job

Hiring or looking it’s great!

Wonderful app that is easy to use and easy to upload your resume!

Amazing ! Simple

Best app and website for jobs hands down !

Great App!!

I’ve had Indeed for about a year and the app for a couple months. It’s super user friendly and there is always a ton of job listings. I’ve gotten a lot of job offers and interviews thanks to this app. I totally recommend it, if you’re having a hard time finding a job or not.

Too many temp jobs

This app is good. But when you want to find something permanent it can be hard. Even when you state no temp work that seems to be all that contact you. Please try to add a no temp tab or only these jobs can contact you? Thanks.

Best job search app is by far the best job search website and phone app I have used to find the kinds of jobs I am the most interested in and qualified for. also makes it extremely convenient to apply for the jobs I want by allowing me to upload and/ or edit my resume as needed and by using one click to apply for almost any job.

Help me find a job

Definitely happy that I could find a job and not a scam like Craigslist

Job searching champions!

The site is putting me in the best position to get a job thank you

Did not work for me

I did like 25 application. Not one called me or message me its good to tell u whats Accepting Applications but you should do it the old-fashioned way 😪👎👎👎



Too many emails no matter what you try

Every action gets you subscribed to some kind of email. I’ve had to unsubscribe daily. It would also be good if filter could be saved or if you can filter and search at the same time.

I feel disappointed

Some of the jobs are frauds stay safe is an app that no one should be

without. I’m simply astonished at the variety of work that’s out there. Frank Kryza, AB Yale 1972, MPPM, Yale, 1982.

Haven’t found a job

Still looking

Best and Easiest

Just like the title says Best and Easiest job hunting, applying, notifying, messaging app I have ever used I absolutely love it

No interviews

Employers have delayed response time to applications. I’ve been using Indeed for three months and been offered 0 interviews

Mostly a great app

Would be great to be able to swipe to dismiss job postings that you’re not interested in to help clean up your search. Also, if you’ve already applied to the position, it shouldn’t keep coming up in searches.


Please install notifications for received messages or reviews for applications applied for. Thanks in advanced

Lots of fake jobs

There are a lot of scammers on indeed who post fake jobs and will accept you once you’ve applied only to send you fake checks and try to ruin you finances and waste you time. Be very careful what jobs you apply to and who provide you information to. Indeed will not take any responsibility for these scammers, they will apologize for the incident but will not take precautions towards limiting fake employers and fake jobs. My advice is to apply to a job through their website, if they don’t have a website, don’t apply through indeed. I almost got scammed for more than $2000 Be especially careful of positions titled data entry, and assistant. Also be careful of remote jobs. Many of them are fake and are liking to get your information so that can take out money from your account.

Simple to use!

Indeed has made an app that is easy to use, helped me apply to jobs easier, and is all around a good experience. I’d like to see a feature to allow the user to download their resume from the app though. It is nice that we can edit it, but when recruiters have you apply on their website instead of on indeed it can be frustrating not having the resume handy.

I was scammed

Need to check or do backgrounds checks on jobs before they can put out applications .


Probably would have more positive feedback if I had something to be positive about, anyhow California is a horrible state for anything...

Your email notification needs updated

Hello; jonathan Rocha here can’t seem to look at notifications because when I click on it it takes me to other unrelated jobs this has been happening for about month , so I’m only giving you one star that’s it until the problem is fixed or I delete this app so please update update update refresh and repeat thank you in advance

Great help

I love indeed


This WAS a great app but there’s so many bugs recently, the worst of which is not being to save favorites.

Absolutely amazing

So recently I have left my job and I have no job searched or even had to in years. Well after installing this app and uploading a resume. I got hit after hit on jobs, I can’t imagine job searching without it anymore


Great and easy to find a job

Great app had exactly what I was looking for

I was one here for about one months and landed multiple interviews and a couple job offers and in the pay range I was looking for even had company’s come to me that I didn’t apply for this app has made finding a good job close to my home miles easier then any other method I have tried so I do appreciate indeeds free service there is really no down side to using it

Not good

I have applied at a lot of companies and only have had two responses out of 100 not good at all



It’s Great

It’s Great


I’ve been using indeed for years now and I’ve always mastered at getting successful jobs with no problem. But lately it’s been kind of frustrating when I look up a certain job field and it pulls up everything but what I’m looking for , that cause a lot of frustration on my end. Another thing I have concerns about is why it doesn’t showed that you have already applied for a job. It should remove the jobs you have already applied for vs it just not being bold like the other jobs. It will help with applying for jobs better if you know what jobs you already applied for so that you want keep tryna apply for the same job over and over. Other then that I love indeed and I would highly recommend it too anyone looking for employment fast and easy. Thanks Indeed

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